February 2, 2023

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“Rolling” window of years

Hello, looking for some sql help again. Let’s say I have the following data returned from a query: SELECT DISTINCT(future_name) FROM table_a

FUT-23, FUT-24, FUT-25, … , FUT-32

The final two digits represent years. The smallest year is always one year ahead of the current year and the last year is always 10 years ahead of the current year.

I am looking for a query that would return these values in a following way:

row1: FUT-23, FUT-24, FUT-25, FUT-26, FUT-27

row2: FUT-24, FUT-25, FUT- 26, FUT-27, FUT-28




row7: FUT-29, FUT-30, FUT-31, FUT-33

row8: FUT-30, FUT-31, FUT-32

row9: FUT-31, FUT-32

I would be using these as a filter in a Grafana dashboard so these could be formatted as a string str(‘FUT-23’, ‘FUT-24’, … , ‘FUT-27’)

Thank you very much.

EDIT: I may have overcomplicated things since I can just split_part the int part of the string and use < and > operators. As I am using Grafana, I can just add these as query variables.

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